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Agency Alliance Digital Marketing Internship Program

Hire a Certified Digital Marketing Intern For Your Short Term or Long Term Projects

You’ve just landed a major project. Go you! Now you just need the perfect freelancer to help you get the work done. But here’s the danger…

Hire the wrong freelancer, and your project gets completed late or not at all. You risk losing a client and any potential profits. Not to mention the stress and headaches that go along with managing a poor performing contractor.

Thankfully there is an alternative. What if we told you, you could hire a pre-screened, fully certified intern to do the work? One that was also willing to work at a reduced rate compared to other potential hires. Sound enticing? Keep reading to learn more.

How Interns Can Fill The Current Gap in The Marketing Industry Ecosystem

One of the major roadblocks every marketing agency faces is finding quality people who actually know their stuff.  Literally, every profile on a freelancing site claims to be a guru in their marketing niche. The sad reality is that many are not even half of what they claim to be. I have experienced it, and so have many of my fellow marketers. 

That’s where we come in. 

At Agency Alliance, we are committed to filling this gap. We can provide your marketing agency with a fully trained freelancer certified in the most up-to-date industry-accepted training programs. They’ll work for you through a paid internship. You’ll be able to get those projects and tasks done with minimal stress, and maybe even find your next permanent employee in the process!

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

Introducing Agency Alliance Digital Marketing Internship Program

The mission of Agency Alliance’s Internship Program is to raise the standard of the marketing industry by training and certifying more digital marketing specialists. This, in turn, means many more marketing agencies will have access to higher qualified staff and can offer their clients better services. It’s a win-win-win!

Through our internship program, we are creating a pool of fully trained interns certified in an industry-leading marketing training program. Our graduate interns are hungry for success and eager to prove their worth. 

And it gets better. Our whole purpose for doing this is to give back to the industry. We charge nothing to the interns; their training and certifications are entirely on us!

Available Specialities

Currently, we have certified interns in these below specialities:


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Design (Wordpres)
  • Web Design (Shopify)
  • eCommerce Advertising
  • Analytics/GTM/Data Studio

Coming Soon

  • Full Funnel Implementation
  • Software Specific Skills such as GoHighLevel & Kartra

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”

Margaret Mead

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​​​​​How Does The Internship Program Work?

  • Once we receive the freelancers application, it goes through a rigorous screening process. 
  • Each month, we will pick 10 applicants to take 1-2 certifications. 
  • We give them one week to finish the certifications.
  • On completion of the certification, we place them in a Paid Internship with a marketing agency.
  • During this internship, the contract is between Agency Alliance and the marketing agency.
  • On completing the internship, your contract with Agency Alliance ends. If you would like to hire the intern into a full-time role, you are by all means welcome.

Agency Alliance’s Responsibilities:

  • To vet the candidate to ensure they communicate well
  • Sponsor 1 Digital Marketing certification for the intern
  • Make sure they have access to the course materials
  • Interns get a Q&A with one of our staffs to clarify any questions
  • Ensure only certified candidates are made available as an intern
  • During the initial part of the internship, we will act as a bridge between the agency and the intern, to ensure no issues arise

Marketing Agency Responsibilities:

  • Once you hire the intern, you have to sponsor them for term of the internship
    • You can choose from a 30, 60 or 90 Day Term
    • Hours per week can be anywhere from 10-40/week
  • You can interview them beforehand and decide if they’re a right fit for you
  • After the end of the internship program, the contract ends and you can either hire them for full-time employment or let them go.

While we will provide full support to make sure that the internship program is mutually beneficial, this program is NOT for you if:

  • You Need Free Labor (we don’t believe in free labor)
  • You’re too busy in giving initial onboarding to the intern
  • You are not able to commit to a full 30, 60 or 90 day term internship

If you’re still reading this article, it looks like we may be a right fit.

Complete the form below to tell us more about your needs.  

Then Schedule a Time on Our Calendar to go over everything and get started.  

If all goes well, we can get you an intern within 5 business days ...